Tree Chinoiserie Wallpaper make floral wallpapers appear more cheerful and zesty. Some of the most popular colours are red, pink, blue, green, yellow, and black.

Vintage Watercolor Wallpaper is the colour of being in love, of infatuation, and as such it carries a sense of pure romanticism. The sweetest of colours, it exudes serenity and inner peace and has a positive impact on the ambience. In nature, pink is a common colour as proven by a multitude if pink flowers and animals. Dusky pink is another popular shade for floral wallpaper models.

Signal or cherry red stands for passion, fire, and love. Red roses are amongst the most beautiful floral love tokens. Abstract Tropical Wallpaper of red like claret or vermilion are strong colours which demand attention. Floral wallpaper with a focus on the colour red can have a majestic and extravagant effect.

Blue - the colour of water and the sky - has a calming, balancing and harmonising effect. In terms of floral wallpapers, blue models can be elegant and cool, or regal, depending on the exact shade of the colour. Large Floral Wallpaper , for instance dark blue, carry a certain mysticism and mystery.

Green is the colour of hope, of curiosity and creativity. floral botanical wallpaper reflect nature as a whole and in the form of flowers and plants. This is why green floral wallpaper is so very popular. It is at once balancing and energising.

Gray Chinoiserie Wallpaper provides us with a plethora of yellow flowers, for instance sunflowers, anemones, daffodils, camomile, buttercups, and dandelions. This happy colour represents sunshine and warmth. vintage chinoiserie wallpaper in yellow is stimulating and creates a positive mood, making it the perfect choice for convivial, social spaces.

Grey Floral Wallpaper tends to exude a mysterious, intense charisma and is suitable for both historical as well as modern styles. Flower wallpaper models in black and white have a futuristic, purist, avant-garde effect and challenge the eye in a positive manner.

Multi-coloured floral wallpapers come in a multitude of colour combinations. They all have one thing in common: They offer a veritable pot-pourri of attractive colours, either matching or contrasting. This provides a fascinating dynamic tension and adds interest to any ambience. The colours can be muted and delicate, or bright and cheerful.